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This version of you is simply more real

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

The beauty of liking someone when you first meet them is in the magic that you create in fantasizing about who they are in your mind and believing it to be true- instead of seeing them as they really are.

That’s why most dreams fade because the expectations of one’s reality rarely match the reality of the person. At least, that’s how it's been for me for most of my life.

When we first met, you were exactly what my teenage dreams were made of. You reminded me of the magic I believed in when I was little before I experienced what it's really like to have my heart broken; before I even knew my heart could break.

Here’s the truth about heartbreak- you can only go two ways after you experience one. You can either grow cold and bitter, stop having faith, and treat people like disposable beings because someone treated you like one. Otherwise, you can learn from the pain and promise yourself that you’ll never be the cause of someone else’s pain because no one understands it better than you and you know how much it hurts.

We’ve all had our hearts broken in the past and we’ve seen each other’s scars. They add a perfect mark of imperfection in our lives reminding us that maybe we were too naïve but there was a time when we believed in the good. But the truth is, there is still so much good left in the world.

When I first met you, I saw the idealistic version of you but missed most of the aspects of the reality of your life. The more I knew you, the more I wanted to know but timing has never been on my side. I'm always limited by hours but what I know of you in a short time is more than what I have wanted to know of someone in years.

When we first met, I knew you were different- I knew very little but I knew enough that you weren't like the rest.

You’re calm, composed, and a person of few words; and you didn’t even need to say a lot for me to understand. Your actions said it all. I’m a person of many words who still believes that everyone has a good heart.

Our paths crossed when we were on a path of our own to discover and live life the way we wanted, and at no point in time do I want to alter where I am headed, and neither would you. If we’re ever meant to meet again, we will.

I will always love the story of us irrespective of the ending. If it's not you, I hope it’s someone just like you.

I barely know you, but I like what I know of you because I showed you a version of me as I really am.

In our journey of adventures where we hope to run into our forever person, I know it can never be forced or controlled. Real love is patient and it should never change anyone; it should never make you rush- it’s about doing what our hearts always desired without being held back.

When it's time and if it's right- it will be mutual, it will be easy, and it will all make sense- why it never worked with anyone else before the same way.

I wish you happiness always and as you continue venturing through life making every dream come true finding answers that you’ve been seeking for so long in your freedom- remember that I’m doing the same.

Learning to like you without being attached is a wonderful feeling because I accept that you are not mine to keep, but it makes me appreciate your presence in my life so much more.

If you think of my face looking at the stars or the little dance we did at the parking lot, you’ll know I’m still thinking of you wherever I am.

I (still) like this version of you.


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