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What I'm buying during this Sephora Spring Beauty Insider Sale 2023

Beauty lovers can rejoice because it's time for Sephora Beauty Insider Sale. It's the time of the year for spring cleaning and updating your beauty routine by stocking up on favorites and adding exciting new products to your cart that you've always wanted.

You have to be a Sephora member to access the sales but don't worry because it's free to join, and signing up will only take a few minutes. There are three membership levels, and you can access thousands of beauty finds:

Insiders- This is for anyone who has signed up, and you'll get 10% off all orders between April 18 and April 24.

VIB Members- If you spent at least $350 last year, you get 15% off all orders between April 18 and April 24.

Rouge Members- Those who spend $1000 or more a year can access the sale from April 14 to April 24 with 20% off anything in the cart.

All members get 30% off Sephora Collection between April 14 and April 24 with the code SAVENOW. Of course, some exclusions and terms apply, and you can't stack discounts.

Generally, I won't buy more than two of anything because all beauty products have an expiration date, so enjoy the savings but don't get too crazy before checking your bank account.

Let's go shopping:


Concealers are your best friend because they can camouflage (almost) everything and make you look more awake, put together, and flawless. This hydrating, full-coverage concealer is one of my favorites because it conceals, highlights, and contours.

I wear the shade Taffy (light medium with rosy undertones). A little under the eyes, sides of the nose, and mouth, and I'm good to go. Plus, it lasts all day.

I love eye makeup, and when you can find a waterproof eyeshadow pencil that you can also use for precise lining, life couldn't be more perfect. I always have Night (Matte Black), Slate (Charcoal Gray), and Nudity (Rose Gold- perfect for your waterline) in my makeup bag.

It takes away from using too many products and lasts 24 hours, so you can do your eyes without worrying about it staying put.

I feel naked without this mascara because it gives me incredible length, volume, and curl. Being a waterproof mascara, it doesn't smudge or run and gives me super Bambi lashes until I remove my makeup.

I have tried so many mascaras, and nothing compares to this. This is a must-have for anyone with short, straight, and thin lashes like me.

Finding the perfect nude lip color can be incredibly hard, but thanks to its Touch Me (Cinnamon Nude) shade, I have found my ideal shade of nude lips. I am not a major lipstick person, but I love a little low-maintenance color that I don't have to keep reapplying all the time.

That's why this tinted lip balm is perfect, as it gives the perfect flush of nude color that's matte without drying your lips. I apply it all over and blur the lines with a Q-tip to make it look more natural.


I fell in love with this Vitamin C/Lactic Acid serum last year because it's perfect for addressing all my skin issues like hyperpigmentation, fine lines, and loss of firmness. This antioxidant serum gives you an instant glow, and with regular use, your skin will appear even and firmer with fewer lines.

I'd say I use two bottles a year, and it's totally worth it. Plus, I always trust products made by a dermatologist because they know skin better than anyone. Thank you, Dr. Dennis Gross!

Peptides are really the underdogs of skincare and will be huge this year. This multi-technology peptide serum is excellent for addressing all signs of aging.

Unlike retinol, peptides don't irritate anyone (it's always wise to do a patch test to see if you're allergic) and can be combined with other ingredients. I love how this has Matrixyl, which helps diminish static and dynamic wrinkles.

Sunscreen is life; even if you don't use anything else on your skin- there is no excuse for not wearing sunscreen. I love this glowy sunscreen because it protects you from the sun, acts as a primer, and has a luminous finish, so you don't need makeup after. I

t has the goodness of hyaluronic acid for hydration and niacinamide to combat dark spots. It's available in four shades, and I use Sunrise (Champagne). This is such a good find for minimalists.


I am obsessed with this K18 hair mask because nothing has transformed my hair so much for the better. The peptide technology repairs hair bonds and strengthens your tresses.

It's super easy to use; apply once a week and style as usual- the results will be the healthiest and most manageable hair of your life.

Try it once, and you won't look back. People think it's a bit expensive, but it’s cheaper than a salon visit, and a bottle can last a year, depending on your hair.

My hair lost all its shine after going blonde, and I always missed the super-shiny head of hair I had as a child, and I had no hope of ever getting it back.

Thanks to this Color Wow spray, the shine is back. It's like a mini keratin treatment that adds extra shine and body to the hair with zero frizz and lasts 3-4 shampoos.

After using this, my hair looks so pretty and alive, so I always have it on hand. Try a mini size if you aren't ready to commit, but I guarantee you will want more.


This intoxicating perfume's magical blend of vanilla and musk intoxicating perfume is probably my favorite smell in the world.

It combines sensuality with mystery, and I feel confident and happy when I wear it. I fall in love with this every time I wear it.

It’s been my go-to fragrance for years, and I don’t see it changing any time soon.

*All images are courtesy of Sephora.


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