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This Year, I’m Taking A Chance On Myself

This year I am making a life and not just a living.

2020 was a challenging year, but it was also a year for growth and self-awareness. It was a year full of lessons on what is important in life, and health is one of them. It was a year that made us distinguish the difference between what we need and what we want to be happy.

2020 was a year that taught us to reevaluate our priorities and the value of moment-to-moment experience. It taught us not to wait to say what we want and do what we have been putting off for years. It was a year that made us want to be a better person and rebuild broken relationships from the past. It was a year that reminded us of the true value of loved ones and how we tend to take them for granted.

2020 was a year that reminded us of the value of a hug and the beauty of closeness with the people you love because we couldn’t risk the chance to touch people like we used to. It jogged our memory on the fact that hygiene can save lives because many of us had forgotten to wash our hands.

2020 taught me what is truly important in my life and helped separate them from the things that didn’t matter as much. I need a pair of shoes, but I don’t need tons of shoes. I want designer purses, but I don’t need any of them, and even owning them won’t improve the quality of my life. I don’t know why I owned five pairs of black jeans. The value of materialistic things diminished, and I recognized the significance of mental strength because that is all we truly hold with us.

2021 will be amazing, and this year I am taking a chance on myself.

I used to always play it safe, but this is the year that I am going to take a chance and go see people I love—all the people that I have been planning to see for years. I am going to continue saving my money so I can spend it on quality time with family and friends rather than buying pretty things.

This year, I will enjoy a moment-to-moment experience but also act in ways where I care about myself and the future. I will complain less and try to enjoy the good in what I have instead of focusing on all the things I lack. I will reduce waste and recycle as much as I can. I will reuse things that work instead of buying the latest thing that comes out. I never cared much about that before anyway.

I will take care of my health more than I did before, as our immunity has been the only armor to shield us from the pandemic. I will eat for my body rather than for the taste. It is always more inviting to lay around and be lazy, but I will continue to make it a point to move my body, as it is a temple that needs constant care.

This year, I am taking a chance on myself and pursuing what makes me happy irrespective of what people say, because this is my life and I am the one who has to live it. This year, I am taking a chance on myself and doing what is important to me.

This year, I will continue to have good intentions and make more effort in continuing to do the right thing, because that’s how people are supposed to be.

This year, I am taking a chance on myself irrespective of all the fears of failures, rumors, and pain as I leave them all behind in 2020.

In 2021, I am taking a chance on myself every single day.


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