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Pinterest predicts these will be the Biggest Beauty and Style Trends of 2024

All-over glow and heavy metal aesthetics are trending.

Step into the Mecca of inspiration—Pinterest—where the reservoir of ideas not only simplifies and enhances our lives but also serves as a visionary oracle, foreseeing the trends that will dominate various facets of our existence. In beauty and style, Pinterest stands as a trend hub, offering a glimpse into the future of aesthetic evolution and guiding us through the alluring landscapes of 2024's most anticipated trends.

Hot Metals

In 2024, we'll see a shift from neutrals to cool silver tones and bold chrome- which is already rising among Gen Z and Millennials. You'll see many more of these hues in accessories like jewelry, bags, and shoes. Pinterest says, "Gen Z and Millennials are driving this heavy metal aesthetic." Think silver nail art and necklaces.

Be Jelly

Jellyfish inspires this rising trend, where you'll see a lot of beauty and fashion inspired by this squishy invertebrate. Imagine lots of bubbles and shades of blue, purple, and pink. It's as fascinating as staring at jellyfish at aquariums. There's a +615% increase in the search for Jellyfish haircut.

Blue Beauty

Blue is my favorite color, and I love that we'll see many shades of blue on the red carpet, runaways, and streets. The first makeup I owned was blue eyeshadow with a little shimmer, and I'm ready to rock it more. Get ready to see a lot of aquamarine around, and according to Pinterest- "The best part? This blue hue looks striking on all skin tones."

Make It Big

Go big or go home is a major beauty and style trend where you'll see hair with lots of volume, big braids, big hair buns, and oversized accessories like chunky hoops and sculptural jewelry. Pinterest says, "Beauty and baubles will get bigger, bolder, and bouncier in 2024."

Head to Glow

I am super excited about this one because we'll focus on skincare for the entire body, not just the face. Think investment-worthy body care lotions, spa aesthetics at home for the whole body, and most importantly, SPF for the body. "Because skincare from the neck down just boosts that oh-so-important TLC," Pinterest says. Major win.

Bow Stacking

We'll see bows everywhere in 2024, and it's no longer just for little girls. Bows on the hair, outfits, shoes, and jewelry will be adored by everyone- whether you love extravagant bows or delicate ones, every bow will have a moment.



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