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I love K-Beauty, and here’s what I'm buying at the Soko Glam Cyber Month Sale

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

November is the best month for fans of K-Beauty because Soko Glam is having a month-long cyber sale with 35% off everything (exclusions apply). It’s the best time to stock up on your favorite Korean beauty products, such as a viral lip mask, and try your favorite K-Pop star’s lip gloss you have been dreaming about. Skincare and makeup can be a great way to treat yourself to self-care.

Here’s what I’m adding to my cute basket:

I keep these NEOGEN A-Clear Soothing Clear Spot Patch in case a random pimple appears. These waterproof hydrocolloid pimple patches absorb sebum from acne and zits while protecting them from dirt so they heal faster without worsening.

Combining aloe extracts and hyaluronic acid makes this BENTON cream moisturizes and softens skin. This multitasking cream doesn’t irritate and gives you radiant skin.

No one wants tired-looking eyes, and that’s why I love these WANDER BEAUTY Baggage Claim Eye Masks because it has calendula extract to depuff, camu amu extract to brighten, and hyaluronic acid to hydrate. In addition, it has aloe extract to calm and reduce redness. I love these while getting ready or relaxing for a chill night.

For lovers of skinimalism, this BB cream is perfect as it hydrates and evens out your skin tone, has SPF 20 for sun protection, and has ginseng with antiaging benefits that also help reduce under-eye circles. It has a matte finish and is available in three shades.

This bestselling cleansing balm has a cult following, and for good reason: it removes makeup while hydrating, exfoliating, and brightening your skin. Your skin will be softer, smoother, and more radiant after every use.

I remember my grandmother using raw eggs on her hair to make it healthy, and thankfully, now we can use this Egg Remedy Hair Pack instead of raw eggs. This hair treatment has the goodness of egg, butter, milk, olive oil, and avocado to hydrate and smooth your hair.

This is one of the first vitamin C serums I tried because I love vitamin C serums. I still recommend it to friends as it has 5% ascorbic acid that is great for beginners and those with sensitive skin—such a great antioxidant serum with antiaging and brightening benefits.


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