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Hair Colors That Will Always Make You Look Younger

You probably already know that sunscreen helps protect skin from premature aging (via Verywell Health), and that, per WebMD, working out can also keep you looking young. Another thing that can help you look more youthful is choosing the right hair color.

Selecting the right hair color can take years off your appearance, but how do you know what the right color is? One of the first things to remember is that monotone hair or going too extreme can age you. For example, celebrity hairstylist Michael Dueñas told Prevention that going too dark with your hair can create the appearance of more fine lines and wrinkles.

Whether you are a blonde, brunette, or a redhead, one flat color all over your head is not doing you any favors if you're trying to look younger notes Southern Living. You can reveal a youthful glow by adding some warm highlights to your hair, especially around your face.

Gold and caramel highlights are like Botox for brunettes

If you are a brunette, adding caramel highlights is the best and easiest way to look more youthful, notes Southern Living. Peter Oon of Oon Arvelo Salon in NYC told Byrdie, "For brunettes, adding caramel highlights can help to warm and soften facial features," because this trick adds the appearance of volume to your hair. It looks sun-kissed, is low-maintenance, and grows out looking natural.

Adding golden highlights with balayage to any shade of brown hair is also very flattering. Framing your face with a few lighter pieces will definitely leave others wondering the secret to your eternal youth because the sun will catch the gold in just the right places and make you look younger (via The Right Hairstyles).

As for black hair, jet locks may have looked cool when you were a teenager going through your goth days, but it is one of the least flattering colors for aging faces. Choose a more muted black and add shades of brown to give it some softness and dimension, reports The Glitter Guide. We guarantee you will look decades younger when you stay between the black-brown spectrum.

Adding gold tones and highlights can make blondes look much younger

The color bronde was made super famous by Jennifer Aniston, who has some of the most enviable hair in Hollywood. Bronde hair has a dark base with warm highlights, which looks fantastic at any age. This is the perfect mix of brunette and blonde without going too light, notes Fab Mood. Aniston's hairstylist Michael Canalé recommends using a hair gloss to maintain the bronde tones, telling Vogue, "It keeps the hair shiny and seals the color while keeping the pieces around the face light and vibrant."

According to Southern Living, champagne blonde is another shade that will help you look more youthful. Platinum blonde might be a cool color for the summer, but it isn't the most flattering on everyone. Adding warmer and yellow-based blonde highlights to your hair can compliment your natural blonde hair. This shade of butter isn't as harsh, will give your face an illusion of fullness and negate it from the hollow areas that are inevitable due to aging.

For a richer shade, go for honey blonde. Sadly, our hair tends to lose its natural shine as we get older, plus heating tools do not help. That's why adding a warm golden balayage to your Goldilocks hair will soften your look, give you a youthful glow and add dimension to your overall appearance (via Oprah) Plus, did we mention it will make your tresses look much shinier?

Redheads will benefit from adding a warm hue for a youthful glow

If you are a blonde or a redhead with a cool skin tone, adding a few fruity tones of strawberry can bring it back to life (via Southern Living). Strawberry blonde hair is easy to maintain with a bit of gloss every six weeks to keep the color vibrant. It will make your hair look healthier, and adding warmth to any shade of red hair will flatter you more than you think.

According to Byrdie, if you are a redhead like Bryce Dallas Howard and Amy Adams, adding some golden melon tones can prevent your hair from looking too ashy. Your reddish hair will benefit from adding warm tones of butter and honey to give your complexion a youthful glow. Red hair can be harder to maintain, so a trip to the salon every six weeks will do you wonders.

The sun can make our hair lose some of its luster, so auburn is your color if you want to go redder and more radiant. This rich red will make you look younger, per HairGlamourista. After all, it reflects the light from your face because it is a warm hue. Whether you go subtle or bright auburn, the power of this color will keep you looking more vibrant.

The best part about going warmer with your hair color is that it is easier to maintain than the cooler tones. We spend so much time fighting the warmer tones, but they are nearly universally flattering (via Who What Wear).

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