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7 Self-Care Products For Anyone Who's Had A Rough Year

2021 is almost over, but we are still haunted by the events of 2020. As we all struggle to find peace with people around us because of our different opinions, we must keep in mind that we all want to move towards the same goal: health and happiness for all.

You have been too hard on yourself when you have been doing your best. You have had good days and bad, and you’ve been wondering what you could change in your life to make it better. Well, let me guarantee you that your life is going to get better. Be kind to yourself and make sure to reward yourself with little luxuries that you deserve.

Here are a few little things that will make your days a little brighter:

1. A pillow to help you with anxiety

If anxiety has been your annoying friend who will not leave your side, you need the Lurera Anti-Anxiety Pillow. This luxuriously soft pillow has a heartbeat and a heating pad that will comfort you every time and help you overcome your anxiety. And the cushion cover is vegan faux mink.

2. A rose mist that smells like spring

Your skin might feel dry in the winter, and it is not always possible to moisturize throughout the day; that’s why you need Jurlique’s Rosewater Balancing Mist, made of rose petals and instantly hydrates your skin. You will look more radiant after just one spritz.

3. A hand cream that protects your hands even after washing them

As you continue to wash your hands countless times daily, they might be dry and irritated, especially more so in the colder months. The non-greasy Gloves In A Bottle protects your hands by shielding them even after washing because they won’t wash off. This dermatologically recommended hand lotion can heal while providing long-lasting hydration.

4. A body buffer that will turn your shower into a vacation

This built-in body wash and a buffer has the most delicious smells blended with oils of basil and lemon. Spongelle Riviera Collection is a magical blend that exfoliates, cleans, and softens your skin, and you will feel so pampered and relaxed after every shower. It can genuinely refresh your senses.

5. A foot cream to soothe and soften your feet

Many of you might ignore caring for your feet, but they help us get everywhere, so show them some love with Asutra’s Treat Your Feet. This rich cream with peppermint and tea tree will instantly calm your soul as it heals and cares for your feet.

6. Zap those zits (almost) instantly

Stress has become one of the most common words in our vocabulary, and that is sad. As if it were not enough that you get stressed, it shows on your face in the form of those pesky, annoying zits. Peace Out Salicylic Acid Acne Healing Dots can minimize zits overnight, and they also (almost) blend in with your skin so you can also wear them out.

7. The healing powers of a lavender candle

Most people use lavender to help them relax and sleep because it can decrease your blood pressure, heart rate, and flight-or-fight response. If you have been feeling stressed, you cannot go wrong with a lavender candle. If you take a moment to breathe in and breathe out while lighting Yankee Candle’s Dried Lavender & Oak, the smell of lavender combined with the woodsy senses is sure to calm you.

It has been a challenging year for many of you, and you have to stop blaming and judging yourself. You have to be proud of your accomplishments that you may not have noticed. You have to reward yourself for being strong and making it this far. Have faith in yourself-you are strong, and if you have made it through this far, you can make it through anything. Don’t forget to reward yourself, because we all know this has been a tough year.


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