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What Is A Panchakarma Cleanse?

Cleanses and detoxes are a popular phenomenon among celebrities. Once we hear how much weight they have lost or how rejuvenated, they feel after, the general public is quick to jump on the bandwagon. It is common for celebs to go on cleanses, especially before an award season or a magazine spread, to shed a couple of pounds so they can look and feel their best. Kim Kardashian went on a Sunfare Cleanse before the Met Gala because she was a bit nervous about fitting into a skintight dress. In this 10-day cleanse, Kardashian only had liquid meals for three out of the ten days to lose six or seven pounds and said, “At the final fitting, I was worried it wouldn’t fit. When I tried it on, though, it fit like a glove. It was perfection!” (via Bravo TV).

Cleanses are super popular to reset your mind and body. It mainly consists of going on a liquid diet and limiting solid foods to give your digestive system a break and flush out all the toxins from your body. Ashley Reaver, a California-based dietician, told Healthline, “Detoxes are advertised as a means to rid the body of excess toxins, rest the digestion and immune systems, and restart [your] metabolism.” Cleanses help you achieve quick results and can be a great short-term solution, but Everyday Health reported that there is no evidence that cleanses give you glowing skin or more energy. Yet, cleanses continue to fascinate us and celebs.

Panchakarma cleanse is an ancient Indian Ayurvedic detox for a healthy body

When Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers raved about the Panchakarma cleanse, we were intrigued. In Sanskrit, pancha means five, and karma means action, so according to Dr. Avanti Kumar-Singh, this “five actions” cleanse helps remove toxins, refreshes your mind and body, and realigns your “digestive fire,” according to Bustle. Kourtney Kardashian is also a fan. Experts recommend that you work with a trained Ayurvedic professional as they can adequately assess the imbalances in your body to determine the right treatment, Bustle reported. This 21-day cleanse can be modified to fit the individual and can last anywhere from a week to three weeks, and Rodgers did the 12-day version. This cleanse requires dedication is not for the faint of heart. Sporting News shared the practice is used to eliminate waste from the body that can lead to diseases. The five actions include vamanam (inducing vomiting to clear the respiratory and upper gastrointestinal tract), vierchanam (inducing purging to empty the stomach and the lower gastrointestinal tract), anuvasana (using medicated oil to lubricate the rectal area and flush out all lipid-soluble waste), nasyam (using medicated substances to clear the paranasal sinuses and respiratory tract) and astapana vasti (administering an herbal and oil decoction through the anal route). This extensive cleanse also requires you to abstain from strenuous exercise, sexual activity, and other stimulating experiences like television and loud music, per New York Post.

Originally published at on March 7, 2022.


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