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Wear The Peace is a fashion brand that prioritizes humanity!

Most people think of themselves when they buy an article of clothing. Will people think they're cool? Will it look good on them?

How often do you wait and think about how a clothing brand is helping humanity? Probably not much, but you should. That's the story of the clothing brand "Wear The Peace" because every single article you buy will help donate a new item of clothing for a person in need. They work with Helping Hands Development, which helps send clothing to refugee camps all over the world.

I spoke with Murad Nofal, one of the founders of Wear The Peace, to learn more about the brand. In 2015, he visited Zaatari Refugee Camp in Jordan, where his grandparents lived since 1975. Zaatari camp has become a permanent residence with supermarkets and barbershops to make it feel more "normal" for its one million residents.

"I was always vocal, but seeing the conditions firsthand is a different experience," said Nofal. He was there to donate food, water, and other essentials, but he often found that there needed to be more for everyone in need. He knew he had to do something about it.

In 2016, he pitched the idea of adding important messages to clothing to increase awareness of those issues. That year Mustafa Mabruk became his business partner, and they started working together designing clothes and going to conventions to tell the story while working and attending school full-time.

"Everyone should be aware of what is going on. Society lacks gratitude, and that's why people are unhappy and keep wanting more. Ambition is good but can take a toll on people and affect humanity if you aren't grateful."

-Murad Nofal

Nofal and Mabruk faced many challenges but didn't give up. "It's important to let people know what's happening worldwide. Being aware is very especially important," Nofal said.

In 2021, they started investing in advertising, and soon they were selling more in a day than they did in a month. Their trademark "HUMAN" hoodie took the brand to a whole new level.

All their clothing is ethically manufactured at Culture Studio in Chicago, Illinois. They're also environmentally conscious as their suppliers support an Anti-Sweatshop Movement and Clean Energy as every piece of clothing they create is either recycled or repurposed.

I asked Nofal how they make sure every donation makes it to the needy, and he responded, "I have a background in business and a lot of experience. We do full research on charities to make sure how the money is used and check their tax records. We donate to mental health resources and education."

With so many big-name organizations, Nofal prefers smaller charities. "We choose charities where 100% of the donations go to support the cause where they are transparent about administrative fees," he said. He added that choosing a charity that works ethically can be difficult, but it's not impossible.

To date, Wear The Peace has donated 110,272 items of clothing and $53,280.

"Be kind to everyone; you never know what people are going through. We are all human and one family, and we need to spread peace and hope whenever we can."

-Mustafa Mabruk

Nofal and Mabruk are children of refugees and know how the refugee crisis affects millions worldwide. "There are many misconceptions about refugees. They are perceived as lower-class citizens, said Nofal. He added that no one wants to leave, but they do because they have to.

It makes Nofal happy to see many people supporting the brand and its message because people are more conscious and aware, but we need more people like that.

Mabruk does have hope for the future. He prays that the world is free of greed and wars. "I hope for a time the atrocities happening around the world are eliminated, where humans around the world are treated fairly," said Mabruk.

Nofal's hope for the future is that people need to wake up to everything going on and understand that there is enough for everyone to have a good life in this world.

"We live in a highly individualized society where people think about themselves, but we have to think about others. We can make things happen together. We have to realize we're part of a bigger purpose."

-Murad Nofal

*All images courtesy of Wear The Peace.

  1. Nofal (left) and Mabruk at Zaatori Refugee Camp in Jordan in 2022.

  2. Wear The Peace Human Hoodie

  3. Nofal (left) and Mabruk.

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