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Vibrant Make Up Ideas If Your Favorite Color Is Orange

Spring is in the air. And, it is time to say goodbye to the grey skies and winter jackets and say hello to flowy outfits and add some oomph and color to your makeup routine. According to, spring is the perfect time to add some bold orange to your makeup vanity because it is warm, bright, and looks great on almost all skin tones. It may sound like a scary color, but there are so many variations of orange that can work for you. There has been a massive increase in orange-hued makeup since 2020, ranging from romantic sunset hues to gorgeous coral blushes that have become a staple on our favorite celebs and Instagram, per Huda Beauty.

According to Pinterest’s Global Beauty Report for 2018, orange blushes were already gaining more popularity in Japan before the world caught on. They were up by 250 percent that year as a major J-Beauty trend because orange is “always trending in Japan,” according to makeup artist Yuni (via Allure.) And the world is catching up and loving this bright and beautiful craze. Refinery29 calls orange “the hottest color of the summer season” because this happy-hue is one of the fiercest trends that is a favorite of many celebrities. Get ready to fill your makeup baskets with colors inspired by fruity peaches and understated rusts. Plus, these pumpkin-inspired looks don’t have to be limited to warmer temperatures because you can rock these colors in stylish flannels and sweaters.

Orange makeup is perfect for warm weather

Spring and summer are some of the best times to experiment with orange makeup, but you can rock this bold hue practically year-round. If you’re new to trying the shade, recommends trying an orange eyeliner to brighten your eyes. Choose a muted shade with coppery shimmer to make your eyes look bigger and less tired. Eyeshadows are a great, low-key way to experiment with color, and Huda Beauty suggests choosing a soft orange shadow all over your lids to brighten your look. You can add a gold shimmer to make your eyes pop further. For those who favor bolder makeup looks, a bright carrot color will ensure you stand out.

Mixing bronze and copper is another great way to create a beautiful, eye-catching effect. Fans of the monochromatic look will love the diversity this hue has to offer, because you can pair orange eyeshadow with your nails, per PopSugar. Megan Fox rocked the look earlier in 2022 by adding a subtle swipe of orange to her lids, proving that the trend can be both bold and subtle. Take your cues from Fox and try something a little less traditional, like orange blush instead of pink. If you go for this, Allure recommends a shimmery apricot shade for fair skin and an intense tangerine matte for deep skins. Something like orange lipstick may sound intimidating, but it will allow your pout to take center stage … and it’s definitely more fun than nude.

Originally published at on March 2, 2022.


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