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The Best Makeup Looks For Green Eyes

The color of your eyes plays a huge role in your overall appearance, and are usually the first thing people notice when they’re introduced to you. The eyes being a “window to the soul” isn’t just poetry, your eyes can tell a lot about you.

So, what is the deciding factor for the color of your eyes? Genetics play an important part in deciding eye color, and in the end, it is the amount of melanin in your eyes that will make it appear lighter like gray, blue, and green or darker like brown. According to The American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), green is one of the rarest eye colors, per Verywell Health. Perhaps that’s why green eyes are considered one of the most beautiful eye colors by many, and accentuating the green in your eyes with other colors can make them stand out even more. If you weren’t born with green eyes, you could always invest in a pair of colored contacts. Make your green eyes (real or contacts) the center of attention, and your face, with these makeup tips that will play up and put your gorgeous green eyes front and center. Read on for ideas to make your green eyes stand out.

Shades of gold create a gorgeous contrast against green eyes

You don’t need to follow any makeup rules, but if you want your green eyes to look as mesmerizing as Emma Stone or Kristen Stewart, here are some easy tips.

Green eyes often have tiny speckles of golden brown, teal blue, or yellow, making them an excellent base for many colors to look great. Green and yellow are tertiary colors in the color wheel, and creating a mustard or gold smokey eye really accentuates the green in your iris, says makeup artist Bobbi Brown (via MasterClass). When you choose colors opposite in the color wheel against your eyes, the contrast complements the natural color of your eyes even more. No wonder tones of yellow pair perfectly with green-eyed beauties. Mustard yellow or gold eyeshadows look amazing on green eyes because, according to Byrdie, “Green and yellow pair like cheese and fine wine.” Try investing in an eyeshadow palette that has yellow, mustard, and gold shadows to really create magic in your eyes in sunset shades.

Eyeshadows with red undertones bring out green eyes

Men tend to find women with green eyes the most attractive compared to all other eye colors, per Vision Center. Metallic shadows do an excellent job highlighting the golden pigments in your eyes, making them look brighter. And, you don’t have to limit them to just gold. For a day look, choose eyeshadows with a red undertone like copper and bronze, which are less intimidating than gold to show off the natural gold pigments in your eyes (via MasterClass).

Stay Glam loves copper shadows on green eyes because they highlight the color and make you look more awake. Shades of copper are an excellent idea for those peepers as they make your eyes look bigger and brighter because it is softer than gold. Choose a red or pink-toned copper eyeshadow as the colors will help blur every imperfection on your lids, and picks up the gold flecks in the iris. If you want to go lighter, shimmery shades of apricot are a great pick. Silver, on the other hand, can look harsh against the golden pigments in green eyes.

Brown-toned eyeliner adds warmth to green eyes

You might not want to add too much sparkle for an everyday look, but sticking with liner will help define your eyes. Whether you are going full glam or keeping it simple, lining your eyes with the right eyeliner can create a striking effect and make your eyes the focal point of your face. Makeup artist Maria Gianno told Byrdie, “Many people don’t realize how an eyeliner can create such a wide range of looks and shapes,” and a brown liner can create magic too. The most common go-to eyeliner is black, but if you have green eyes, dark brown eyeliner will work best. You can still make a statement with brown liner whether you are doing the cat-eye or a subtle smokey effect. Allure recommends trying eyeliner with reddish-brown undertones because red complements green on the color wheel, and shades of garnet and amethyst add a fresh hint of color. If you really want to play up your eyes, you can also choose a burgundy or plum liner with brown undertones to make it more edgy.

Red lips are a perfect match for your green eyes

Choosing the right eye makeup can do wonders for your eye color, but you don’t need to limit your sartorial choices to your eyes. You can select colors for your lips that can bring out your eyes too, and one of the best lipstick colors for green eyes is red. SheKnows recommends wearing a classic red lipstick with brown undertones and a little gold sparkle to contrast the green in your eyes. An easy trick to see which shade of red works best for you is wearing it on your bare face, as it will pull your whole look together. Whether you are choosing makeup for your eyes or your lips, the trick is to find colors that contrast with the gold in your eyes to make your greens truly sparkle. Most people choose their lipstick based on their skin tone and undertones, but that can change based on the weather, so choosing your lipstick based on your eye color is an excellent way to go because your eye color remains the same, per Allure. Makeup artist Tim Quinn suggests choosing an orange-red lipstick with warm undertones for green eyes because “it brings out the golden flecks in them.” No wonder we often see green-eyed beauty Scarlett Johansson rocking red lips.

Originally published at on March 8, 2022.

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