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The Best Gift Ideas For National Girlfriends Day

August 1 is National Girlfriends Day, and it's the day for everyone to shower their girlfriends with love- a few gifts won't hurt because who doesn't like being showered with gifts, right? If you missed National Lipstick Day, don't miss this one.

While the day is for people in committed relationships, it's an excellent time to let your close girlfriends know you love and care about them and shower them with something special to make their day.

Here are the best gift ideas for your girlfriend:

If your GF loves to smell magical and sparkle at the same time, you need to get her the Everlasting Magic Diamond Shimmer Spray because it is such a beautiful blend of bejeweled berries, phantom petals, and magic musk. The mist leaves a gorgeous sparkle on your skin that works beautifully during the day and at night.

The cat-eyeliner will always be a classic, yet many struggle to draw the perfect lines. To make it easier than ever for your GF to draw the perfect eyeliner, try Thrive Causemetics Liquid Eyeliner Pen with a precision brush that draws precise lines that won't budge all day. It is available in black and brown and doesn't irritate the most sensitive eyes.

Candles make the best gifts, and Just Bee only makes small batches of hand-poured candles that last between 40 to 70 hours, depending on your chosen candle size. I love the smell of Summer Mint, a refreshing blend of mint and tomato leaf that's a perfect reminder of summer.

If your GF is a skinimalist who wants skincare and makeup in one, she will love this multitasking serum with the goodness of hyaluronic acid and squalene with a tint to even your skin tone that offers sun protection. It's available in light, light/medium, and medium/dark, so there's a perfect match for everyone.

It's always great to have a healing cream on hand that can help with inflammation, cramps, or sore muscles, and for that, your GF will thank you for getting her the Oki Doki Healing Cream. It has the power of matcha green tea, tea tree oil, arnica Montana, and more to help you heal and recover naturally. Plus, you can also use it on kids.

I struggled with insomnia for years and have tried everything under the sun, and nothing helped me as much as these sleep gummies with 25 mg full spectrum CBD and 5 mg hemp-derived compounds. If you want to gift someone the luxury of restful sleep, these are totally worth it. They helped me fall asleep faster, and I woke up more well-rested than I have in forever.

If your GF is a fan of coffee and tired of making the same boring coffee at home every morning or spending a fortune on coffee every day, you need to get them this EspressoWorks machine. It makes espresso in 45 seconds, and you can also indulge in lattes and cappuccinos with the built-in steamer wand. It's like you're your own barista, and it comes in fun colors like blue, red, white, and stainless steel.

If you and your GF love traveling and don't want to carry a suitcase filled with products, get this luxurious, energizing, moisturizing cream that's TSA-approved. This multipurpose cream can protect, hydrate and smooth your skin and is totally worth the splurge when you're on the road or in a new city where her skin will continue to look perfect.

Showers never felt this good with the luxury rainfall shower head that feels like you're standing under the rain but on a good day. This spa-like experience is a great soother of senses for those who enjoy showers. It has anti-clogging silicone jets to help water pressure, so you can make your shower time as short or long as you'd like. Plus, it's super easy to install.


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