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The 6 Best Makeup Looks For Fall 2021

Goodbye, summer! Hello, fall! I already miss the long summer days, but I must admit I love the

cozy fall weather. I love adding chunky scarves and suede boots to my wardrobe. Fall is

about pumpkin spice lattes, getting ready for Halloween, and adding that dark lip color that

we have waited for since last winter.

As the weather cools down, our skin might feel a little drier than before, but not to worry, because these beauty products can add that extra glow that comes naturally in the summer!

The cool thing about fall is that we are no longer doing the less-is-more look, so if you want, you can combine these looks together without looking too overdone.

Here are some of my favorite fall looks to try:

Inner (Zoom) Glow

e.l.f. Cosmetics Poreless Putty Primer gives you poreless smooth skin and a glowing-from-within look. I use their luminous finish for the fall because my skin is not ready to say goodbye to the summer glow. You can also use a Kosas Tinted Face Oil that moisturizes your skin while giving it luminous, sheer coverage. This face oil is skincare and makeup in one.

Kitten Liner

A cooler and daintier way of doing the classic cat-eye, the kitten liner is easier to do and looks cleaner than the dramatic cat-eye. Kaja Wink Stamp Wink Eyeliner is perfect to create that look. Kitten liner is big in South Korea.

Pearly Eyes

Choose ColourPop Super Shock Shadow to bring a subtle yet noticeable glow to your eyes by using a blend of pink, champagne, and beige. This makeup look brightens your eyes making you look more awake and alert. A little liner at the edge and you’re all set.

Sun-Kissed Glow

Summer may be over, but we are not ready to say goodbye to the rosy glow. Use Milani Baked Blush in Bella Bellini, a beautiful pink, to pile on the blush to get the effortless flushed glow, because it is reasonably priced and available in eight shades.


If you like to keep blush to a minimum, then try draping, which uses blush to gently contour

your face by blending it near your temples and brow bone. Choose a cream blush like Fenty

Beauty Cheeks Out Freestyle Cream blush because it is lightweight and easier to blend to give

you a more natural finish. This is perfect for those who do not like to contour their face much.

Bold Lips

Bold red or maroon lips are in this fall. Choose a liquid lipstick that can stay on all day with or without a mask. I love Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiery, a classic red that looks amazing on all skin tones. If a classic red is a bit too bold for you, you can always start with a berry or brick color and you will not regret it.

Whether you are going apple-picking in your warm flannels or stopping by the closest coffee shop to sip in some warm chai latte, try out some of these easy looks to make fall more fun. Stay warm and beautiful!


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