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Halle Berry's Brunette Look That Fans Envy

When you're as stunning as Halle Berry, it is impossible not to look good with any hairstyle. Whether it is a pixie cut, razor straight lob, or long flowing curls, she manages to look gorgeous. Berry has even shaken up her signature brunette hair with blonde highlights on Instagram, looking like a goddess as usual. 

Though her 2021 Oscar bob transformation went viral for not the most flattering reasons, shocking fans with what appeared to be a very short hairstyle (via CheatSheet), she later revealed it was just a wig, captioning an Instagram pic of her still-long locks with, "Oscar bob ... just kidding." 

Berry has also shown us how to effortlessly wear curly hair throughout the year, whether running errands or walking the red carpet (via W Magazine). Halle Berry revealed in an Instagram post that she treats her curly locks with an in-shower hair mask that gives them some much-needed TLC. Berry is a fan of Taraji P. Henson's hair-care line TPH By Taraji and wrote, "I've known this woman since she started in the industry, and it's been such a joy to watch her flourish and succeed." How amazing is it to see fellow actors supporting one another? 

Halle Berry's brunette look is a warm mix of honey and caramel highlights

Halle Berry's trademark pixie cut accentuates her natural beauty and she pulls it off so seamlessly. Per Page Six, the world fell in love with her when she rocked that hairstyle while wearing a breathtaking gown when she won her Oscar in 2002. Her signature pixie is still one of the most requested short haircuts of our time (via Byrdie).

The Oscar-winning beauty has continued to change up her looks and served us fierce and flattering transformations from her signature pixie cut to shag or long luscious locks while looking beautiful over the years throughout her decades-long career (via Essence).

Berry is a huge fan of the NatureLab, Tokyo Perfect Shine Oil Mist that her daughter introduced her to. She told The Strategist, "I naturally have curly hair, and I used to use a lot of different creams, but I wanted to try this oil, and I think I actually prefer oil." She added that it is noticeably light, so it doesn't weigh her hair down while adding shine. To get Berry's look, ask your hairstylist to give you a warm chocolate tone throughout and add a few golden highlights to frame your face.


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