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Enhance your body like your face with the best body care products!

Your body needs some lovin' too.

Most of us forget our bodies when we care for our skin and only focus on the face. The skin on our bodies also needs TLC; we often neglect it and treat the skin on our faces as our favorite child. It's not cool to do that.

Well, here's a reminder to take care of your body because the skin gets dry, itchy, ages, and can have many skin issues. It's not enough to use soap and water to clean it; it needs to be moisturized, nourished, and protected from the sun.

Here are the best body care products to treat your skin all over:

Iota Supervitamin Bodywash + Detoxifying

When I first used Iota body wash, I felt like I was at a spa because it had an invigorating smell of lemongrass and eucalyptus (which I love). On top of that, it has 20 superfood multivitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, so you know you're doing your body good. With regular use, my skin was less bumpy and felt softer and smoother- and who doesn't want that? Plus, I cannot get over the magical smell. Taking a shower never felt this relaxing and fun.

Lush Bath Bomb

I'm more of a shower person, but sometimes the body just needs a relaxing bath, and when it does- I don't trust anything more than Lush Bath Bombs because they're infused with essential oils and are so fun to watch when you drop them in the water. I love the sweet smell of Butterball Bath Bomb because it's mildly sweet and leaves your skin super soft. Ultimate relaxation with the bonus of uber-hydrated skin? Yes, please.

Aminnah Body Butter

I felt like a kid at a candy store when I first took a whiff of Aminnah "Birthday cake” Whipped Body Butter because it smells so delicious and sweet that you’ll have to resist the urge to eat it. It has a light texture but is incredibly moisturizing because my skin feels super hydrated and looks all glowy after applying it all over, and the delicious smell lingers. Your face shouldn’t be getting all the love; give a little to your body and watch it glow with health. Botanical Relief Balm

Yes, sometimes my elbows, knees, and feet need extra care than the rest of my body because they feel the driest and saddest. That’s when I turn to Botanical Relief Balm because it's infused with manuka honey, cupuacu butter, and jojoba oil. It has a luxurious texture but absorbs quickly, and sometimes I even use it on my face for slugging.

Australian Gold Sunscreen Spray

I have a long and wonderful relationship with sunscreen, and I never forget to apply it daily on my face, but if it's nice out when I am exposing more skin than I do in the colder months- I don’t forget those areas. I love the Australian Gold Sunscreen Spray with SPF 30 because it's so easy to apply and doesn’t leave a white cast.

It keeps my skin hydrated and protected for hours, don’t forget to reapply, as the skin on your body is also prone to aging and burning.

Alleven Colour Shield Hydrating Tinted Protection

I spend a pretty good amount of time doing my makeup, but for the body, it's moisturizer and SPF, and I am good to go, but for special occasions when I don’t want the rest of my body to feel left out, I use Alleven Colour Shield. Actress Margot Robbie is a fan, and I'm not surprised.

It makes my skin luminous and smooth and even protects it from getting too dry. It's available in seven shades to find the perfect match for your special day or whenever you want to feel like a star.


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