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Dazzling Makeup Ideas If Your Favorite Color Is Purple

Colorful makeup can be risky because some colors look gorgeous on you, while some shades might make you take a second look and not in a good way. If you are looking to experiment with color and don’t know where to start, purple is perfect for you. Makeup artist Jamie Dorman told Ipsy, “Anyone can wear purple eyeshadow; the key is finding the shade that is right for you,” because purple can flatter every eye color. You should choose a warmer purple if you have green or blue eyes or neutralize the bright tones of purple with jet black mascara to tone it down. Byrdie calls the color “extremely wearable” because purple has an impressive range of eclectic shades that look great that you can wear for the office to make your eyes shine or for a fun night out. Whether you are a fan of soft periwinkle and lavender or bold eggplant and raisin, there is no stopping purple.

Purple is definitely here to stay. Even the OG of makeup, Urban Decay, dedicated a palette to purple when it created the Prince Collection inspired by his hit single “Purple Rain.” The gorgeous eyeshadow palette with 10 colors has five variations of purple to make you feel like a rockstar, per Temptalia. And, unlike most colorful hues of the rainbow, you don’t have to limit purple to just your lids because this regal shade works on your cheeks, lashes, and lips.

Purple is a timeless color to flatter your makeup look

Now that we know purple is a universally flattering shade, what are some of the best ways we can incorporate it into your makeup routine? If you’re a fan of the reverse-winged eyeliner trend, Ipsy recommends using a purple eyeshadow to get the look. Simply use a purple shadow of your choice to draw a line along your lower lash line, and extend it outwards to give your eyes an elongated look. Pro tip: Finishing with a neutral liner on your upper lash line will help balance the look. For makeup enthusiasts looking to go a bolder route, Byrdie recommends experimenting “with jewel-toned violet” in a shimmery finish on both your upper lid and lower lash line, because it makes any eye color pop. Play it up by lining your eyes with a black liner, which photographs beautifully for your Instagram.

There’s also no need to limit purple to your eyes, when you can use a holographic highlighter that brings out your cheekbones. Allure loves using rainbow-inspired highlighters with a hint of sparkling purple on your brow bone and cupid’s bow. Alternately, try something new like purple lipstick, though keep the rest of your look neutral or monochrome to balance out the bold look, as celebrity makeup artist Joseph Carrillo told Oprah Daily.

Originally published at on March 2, 2022.


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