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Basics That Can Go From Winter To Spring

As the winter comes to an end, we are super excited to put away our warmest wool coats and thermal underwear, but spring is still not warm enough to bust out our shorts and tanks- so, we have to hold on to some of our warm gear to help us transition. Fortunately, you can still dress cute in the spring by rocking some of your winter basics without all the million layers on top. Making the shift from winter to spring wardrobe shouldn’t be hard when you have the right basics because you can still wear them in the spring, especially when you live in colder climates like the Midwest (via Thrifted and Taylord).

Investing in good-quality staples can simplify going from winter to spring as you can still wear them as the weather gets warmer without the additional beanie and mittens. It helps you declutter since you will realize that you don’t need tons of clothes to build a decent wardrobe for different temperatures (via Simple Lion Heart Life).

You can reuse the basics that bring you joy by simplifying your outfit decisions and getting more space in your closet. Whether a pair of jeans or boots, you can mix and match them with lighter pieces and rock the same basics for two seasons (and maybe three if you count the fall).

These Wardrobe Staples Seamlessly Transition From Winter To Spring

Basics are perfect for the not-too-cold and not-scorching-hot time of the year because they are great for layering and will keep you comfortable (via Glamour). Cosmopolitan recommends a pullover sweater as the perfect changeover outerwear because what went underneath the parka can be the warm outerwear for the chillier morning and evenings in spring. Your legs may not be as cold, so you can continue rocking the warmer sweaters with lightweight bottoms, per Thrifted & Taylor’d. Also, it’s so much cuter than a hoodie over shorts. Allure loves a good denim jacket because they go with (almost) everything and can be worn under a winter jacket and on its own from March onward. You might have been keeping yourself warm with over-the-knee (OTK) boots, but don’t put them away for spring. According to Go Live Explore, spring is the best time to continue rocking your OTK boots with a sweater dress or skirts to keep you looking trendy and feeling warm. You can do the same with a pair of booties — just add some tights because it works for casual wear or for parties (via Outfit Trends). Black jeans are also a winter staple that can beautifully transition into the spring by switching up your tops and shoes. Rock those neutral jeans, which go with almost everything, with a neutral tank and a sweater. Add booties to the mix, and you’re good to go. Types of Jean Fits calls this the outfit foundation for a good reason.

Originally published at on January 24, 2022.


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