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This Is How I Will Choose You

I was recently talking to a friend about relationships when she said something that really stuck with me: “Relationships aren’t easy. They take work. You have to change with them. People think it’s a cliché to change for another person, but if you want to continue being with someone else, you have to let yourself grow, and growth is change.”

You need to change to grow. You need to be with the person who is willing to grow with you. You have to be with someone you can fight well with, because conflict is inevitable. If you cannot change yourself and grow with the other person, it will never work in the long run.

In many relationships, one person grows and the other one usually stays the same. Maybe that’s why the divorce rate is so high.

I don’t believe that it is bad to change. We should want to change. It’s a part of life. Nothing remains the same; you are going against nature if you refuse to evolve. Nothing stays as constant as change in the world. But as humans, change scares us, because it promises unpredictability. And unpredictability can be threatening.

You can never change anyone, but you can change yourself. And when you change, mean it. Change to become the best version of yourself that you did not think was possible.

You have to be strong to reveal your vulnerabilities, and when someone can promise to protect your soul, you know you have taken your shell off at the right time. Many people will stomp all over your weaknesses, leaving you broken and bruised, making you question your choices. But you were never wrong and you were never a fool. This is just life.

There is no right situation or right time, because something will always be wrong. When two people share the same goals and want the same things in life, the timing and the location are just subsidiary. When two people want to make it work, they do. It’s not rocket science.

Life is full of temptations, but you have to make a choice and you have to honor your promise to the person. You have to respect yourself to be able to respect the other person’s feelings, because everyone can get hurt. That’s when you fight for yourself and you fight for the other person, because without them, it wouldn’t be the same.

Meet someone who won’t make you question your thoughts and your feelings. Meet someone who makes you feel safe. Meet someone you are scared to lose every day, but someone who will never let you get lost. Meet someone who doesn’t make you question yourself. Meet someone who makes you realize the magic of living, because that is the whole point.

Meet someone who treats you like the best damn thing in the world that could ever exist, and treat them the same way.

Never let your heart compromise with ‘what if.’ Why do so many of us settle? Because we think it’s the best we deserve, or the most precious that we can find.

Choose someone who will do whatever it takes, because sometimes it takes a lot, and it is scary. Choose someone who is willing to risk themselves in the process because you would do the same. Choose someone who chooses you with the same promise you made yourself – a promise of happiness that comes with a price, but a price well worth it.

We cannot promise eternity but only hope for the best. When I choose you, I will choose only you. We cannot promise each other a forever, but when I am with you, I will be with only you.

Until then, I wait.

Originally published on Thought Catlog on January 28, 2016


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