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The Cutest And Most Thoughtful Gifts For Your Best Friend (And You)

Remember the time when your date stood you up last minute and your best friend spent her entire evening with you to cheer you up? You ended up having the best time.

We are so grateful to our best friends for times like those and many more because they do so much for us. Whether we want a brunch buddy or someone to help us shop and really make all the big and small decisions of our lives, who would we turn to if not our BFF?

The holidays are an excellent time to show them that you appreciate them for everything they have done for you. These cute gifts are so perfect that you might have to get one for yourself too.

1. The #1 Best-Selling Leggings

The faux leather leggings by Spanx are so comfortable and extremely flattering. These are a must-have in all closets because you can dress them up with a cute pair of booties and a jacket or keep it casual with a pair of white sneakers and a denim jacket. It is impossible not to get noticed in these leggings that look good on everyone.

2. Must-Have Pointy Toe Booties

It may seem too good to be true, but there is a reason the pointy toe booties by Marc Fisher LTD keep selling out. It’s a staple in every influencer’s closet because they are comfortable to walk in and look super cute with a dress or jeans. These must-have staples come in so many colors that it is hard to choose just one.

3. Or Classic Combat Boots

The original Dr. Marten’s boots are tough, so famous, and amazingly comfortable (once you break them in). Built in 1960, the 8-eye work boot has become iconic and is a favorite of many celebrities. Plus, these unisex boots work for everyone.

4. Super Cozy Flannel Shirt

There is something comforting about a warm flannel shirt. Why not get her one of the best and softest cotton flannel shirts by L.L. Bean? They come with a lifetime warranty, like your best friend. They come in so many colors, and they never fade.

5. Candles that smell like the merry moments

Candles may not be the most creative gift, but smells can trigger the most beautiful memories. Maybe you two bonded over love baking cookies or a hike in balsam woods-wouldn’t that be the sweetest gift? Also, if she is obsessed with coffee, she would love this.

6. “Expensive Brunette” Hair

The newest hair trend is adding layers and dark tones to your hair, and you can do it at home with Overtone’s Coloring Conditioner in a range of browns from espresso to chocolate and golden. This 100% vegan conditioner adds and maintains color while leaving your hair extremely hydrated.

7. Bright And Luminous Skin

Sheet masks are fantastic because they cater to many skin concerns, and Vitabrid C12’s Dual Mask with vitamin C and peptides can deeply hydrate and make your skin glow. It can brighten your skin instantly, and your friend will using that, or you could even use the masks together.

8. At-Home Holistic Honey Peel

If your friend is all about skincare, you can treat them to Elina Organics’ Activated Honey Peel, which is gentle enough to be used as a serum. It’s a little magic potion because it exfoliates, reduces discoloration and acne, balances the skin’s PH, retains moisture, and is anti-inflammatory.

Whatever you get your best friend, let her know how much you love and appreciate her because she is the one who listened to you cry at 2 a.m. and helped you get home from the Christmas party. You are the one she called when she got her new job or a new piercing.

Get her something she will love, and maybe you can get one for yourself too.


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