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Elegant Makeup Ideas If Your Favorite Color Is Green

The world is filled with beautiful colors everywhere you look. According to Impact Plus, colors tend to have a powerful impact on people’s behavior and decision-making. Marketing psychologists have used the power of colors for years to influence people to purchase anything. And green is a powerful color that reminds you of growth. It signifies abundance and security. Just take a look at nature and the varying shades of green. And if you love green, it is easy to be drawn to green because it is a refreshing color that can calm you. No wonder, Allure calls the color green the biggest makeup trend of 2022 because Gen-Z green is taking over, and makeup artist Katie Jane Hughes attributes the popularity to high-end brands like Bottega Veneta because, “They’ve made this Kelly green color extremely trendy in fashion.”

Green can range from bold emeralds to subdued olives and bright fluorescents, and it is one color that looks gorgeous on everyone, per Tabatha Dumas. You might want to stick to neutrals when it comes to makeup, but green makeup is making a splash everywhere, from the red carpet to Instagram. It might not be the first color that comes to mind when you think of makeup, but according to Byrdie, adding a pop of green shows your creativity and makes your whole look pop. It is unexpected but can take center stage because it has many magical variations. These makeup ideas will make others turn green with envy, but in a good way.

Gorgeous green makeup ideas to flatter everyone

If your favorite color is green, you don’t need to single it out just for holidays like Christmas and New Year’s. Whether you’re matching your makeup to your green outfit, or letting it stand out on its own, you can rock green year-round with these amazing makeup ideas.

Makeup artist Lisa Eldridge recommends trying emerald eyeshadow, particularly in jewel tones, on your entire lid. The regal shade enhances every eye color and flatters all skin tones, and you’re straying from the typical smoky idea with a pop of color that catches the light perfectly (via Byrdie). Add a bit of gold eyeshadow in the corner of your eyes to make them look bigger and brighter. If you prefer something more subtle, recreate the smoky look with deeper shades of green. Top Inspired loves using green tone shadows on your upper lids and lower lash line because darker shades can look radiant against the white of your eyes. This is especially true if you have brown eyes.

To choose the ideal shade of green, makeup artist Danessa Myricks recommends gold-based greens for hazel eyes and richer hunter green makeup for blue eyes (via Allure). Once you’ve found your ideal green, create a cat-eye look with green eyeliner, or use a grassy hue to line your waterline. You don’t need to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to rock green makeup!

Originally published at on March 1, 2022.


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